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Financial Consultant EssexAbout Financial Solutions SC Limited

My name is Ian Holdsworth and I have been in the financial services profession for over 22 years and have a reputation for making sure clients understand their needs and circumstances, avoiding jargon and not “selling”. I am the managing Director and I am assisted by my Paraplanner Sandy.

I carry out work for over 440 clients from all types of large and small businesses including several local accountancy and solicitor practices, as well as referring clients to them when their circumstances overlap with these professions. Also advising over 100 schools in Essex, serving teachers and local government staff on not only their pension schemes but also all other aspects of their financial planning. I am proud of the fact that I am often referred to other schools on the back of the straightforward, easy to understand advice that I give.

The first consultation is at my company’s expense. At this point I will find out what you are trying to achieve, and if like the majority of my new clients you tend to avoid looking too deeply into what can sometimes seem a mind boggling environment we will write  to any companies that you have plans with to get chapter and verse on what they are. I will then give you advice based on this information you have given us to decide on the best way forward to meeting your objectives.

At this point you are free to decide if you want to proceed along the routes I have suggested or come back at a later time when you are in more of a position to do something. We will at this point let you know what the costs will be for any work that I will undertake for you.